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The Archive of Roman Pottery Stamps (ARPS) is a project to record every known stamp impression on wheel-turned pottery from the fourth century in Britain. Stamps from Iron Age and earlier Roman pottery from Britain are being recorded when found. Subsidiary sections record stamps from Parisian Ware and 'Romano-Saxon' pottery, as well as from the earlier period of Romano-British stamped pottery (approximately AD 75 to AD 130).

Manual and computer records, rubbings, drawings, photographs and especially casts are being compiled to provide a basis for study.

The ARPS uses the classification which was developed for the Archive of Anglo-Saxon Pottery Stamps (AASPS), which is a project to record every known stamp impression on hand-made pottery from Britain made between AD 400 and AD 700.

My PhD Thesis on ‘The Stamped Wheel-turned Pottery of Fourth Century Britain and its Relationship to the Stamped Hand-made Pottery of Britain from the Post-Roman Period’ was examined and approved in 2015 and is lodged at University College London. I am currently updating the database with items discovered after I had closed the database and was writing up the PhD. I also intend to record all instances of 'London Ware' pottery as the database is not totally consistent at present.




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